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Signatures for We the people oppose the draft Indian water policy

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501 RajasekaranT It is so bad to see our government is going back to MNC.. when private can make success why not for government..are they not functioning.. then why so called officers are paid from people tax & money?? we must need the revolution. T.Rajasekaran
502 RavinderShah Save common people from extra burden Ravinder Shah
503 KamalKannan   kamal
504 MohankandhasamyRamasamy please withdraw the bill. Its totally unlawful.  
505 mangalsain    
506 ashokk   ashok
507 RajeshKumar I strongly oppose the draft, and I strongly support this petition. Dont kill the citizens of India. Rajesh kumar
508 MayankKinger    
509 MohanRamSivaraman We striongly oppose this policy and needs to be withdrawn. MohanRam
510 RajamaniK Don't fix amount for our water. This is our nation, we have the rights to use water. who are the guys to fix the amount for water. If you do like this then we will show our power to you. You can't face our force. Keep in mind. tablygs blue
511 NingthoukhongjamRajesh I support your petition Ningthoukhongjam Rajesh