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Signatures for We the people oppose the draft Indian water policy

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1 VinayBaindur No to FDI in water supply  
2 RaghavendraPachhapur Government can't shed their responsibility of providing safe drinking water to all its citizens. Water is life and belongs to commons and Government has no right to privatise it. Raghavendra
3 vinaysreenivasa   vinay k sreenivasa
4 CynthiaStephen    
5 Maj Gen S.G.Vombatkere (Retd) The NWP needs to be transparently reviewed with full and genuine public participation. Government must take the initiative for this. This is the very least that is expected in a democracy.  
6 MalarvizhiM Stop WATER PRIVATISATION. Its 'states' responsibility to provide water to its citizens. Malar
7 HimanshuThakkar   SANDRP
8 RaviG   Ravi G
9 AratiChokshi    
10 SoundaryaIyer   NIAS
12 GRVora I fully support this Petition. G R Vora
13 rajendranprabhakar    
14 NagarajanKrishnamurthy    
15 AjayCadambi    
16 RoshniNuggehalli    
17 SudiptoMuhuri   Sanhati
18 AshutoshN.A.    
19 RamdasRAo    
20 MeeraBaindur    
21 SujitPatwardhan Treating our essential natural resources as "products" to be bought and sold is a clear proof of our Govt having lost the moral right to rule. Citizens who value freedom must resist such moves to sell our country to the highest bidder. Sujit Patwardhan
22 RamKrishnaswamy Say No to FDI on Water in India. Water is a Natural and a National Resource and belongs to all living creatures in India, not just the moneyed people.  
23 JayantJoshi Water cannot be traded or treated as economic good. Jayant B. Joshi
24 rp The so called elected MPs took oath to represent the people that they claim to have voted them to power. If they want to behave as puppets in the hands of the American and European corporations, they should seek reelections under that manifesto. rp
25 SastryRamachandrula   Sastry